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Holdin' Court: Heavy Links Album Launch - London

Image of Holdin' Court: Heavy Links Album Launch - London


Heavy Links return with the release of their debut album and we're delighted to welcome them back to Holdin' Court!

In 2012 Heavy Links dropped their first record, The Essence. It featured Chrome, Sonnyjim, DPF, Cappo and Efeks. Only 100 were pressed and they sold them for just £6..they have since gone for up to £50.

They followed that up with the Heavyweight EP in 2013 with tracks featuring Verb T, Cappo and The Book Thieves. Then on Steady's BBP label Habitat dropped Empire Building in 2014 featuring MNSR Frites, Luca Brazi, Oliver Sudden, Architype and El Tel with only 100 records which sold out quickly.

Following this, they dropped a 7 inch through B-Line Recordings featuring Scorzayzee as well as featured tracks on a few EPs. That has all lead up to them dropping their debut album......

Heavy Links - Step Up To Get Your Rep Up

Coming soon on the Muj Label.
Only 100 records in full colour sleeve.....

/ C.A.M
C.A.M, is a east London based rapper, just released his first single 'act like you know ' produced by DMC legend DJ Daredevil. C.A.M brings smooth lyricism with esoteric hints. His Debut e.p 'the first move' is coming late summer featuring collabs with Parallax and CW Jones

/ NewGuardz
The New Guardz are a force to be reckoned with. Paired with their infamous band, The Direwolves, this eclectic, eccentric and electrifying group light up stages, "Tun Up" jams and generally bring musical excellence wherever they go.

Formed in many stages, with lifelong friends alongside like minded brothers from the same scene and backgrounds, this squad really do live and breathe what they perform and anyone who has been to one of their spectacular New Guardz seasonal Jams will tell you, the energy, love and talent in the room is infectious and inviting.

/ Moose Funk Squad
Moose Funk Squad are an undeniably skilled and increasingly strange Hip-Hop outfit.


Date: 27.07.17
Venue: The Victoria, Dalton 451 Queensbridge Rd, London E8 3AS
Time: 7pm onwards