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Adult Rappers London Screening + panel discussion

Image of Adult Rappers London Screening + panel discussion


Adult Rappers - A documentary stuck on the realness.

Adult Rappers is a documentary feature that tells the story of 'working class' rappers and the struggle to find a balance between making a living and pursuing their art alongside the never ending saga of age and relevance. Devoid of the ego that's so common in hip-hop, the interviews that drive the narrative explore the myths and misconceptions of life as a rapper with shocking honesty. When your hobby becomes your job - it's time to find a new hobby.

Featuring interviews with artists such as J-Zone, Dilated Peoples’s Evidence, Bobbito Garcia, Despot, Don Will, Esoteric, Eternia, Slug, A Tribe Called Quest’s Jarobi, Masta Ace and Murs.

Directed by Paul Iannacchino
FB Page: Adult Rappers

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They host cultural and political events, facilitate workshops, hold seminars and meetings, film screenings, art exhibitions and run campaigns on major social issues. The Hive is not just a venue but it’s a social project and a solutions building. We are not-for-profit and entirely voluntary.

This event will also feature a panel discussion.

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